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Hello Everyone & Intro


21-01-2005 01:18:52

Hello Forum Members,

I've used this forum several times and found it to be a great resource for questions that came up while studying Dr. Wayne Dyer.

With the new rule in place (post to remain a member), I thought this is a great opportunity to make a post.

Last year I saw Dr. Dyer on KQED and my attention was captured by the title (A new look at intention & when you change the way you look at things, things change) and the message. I purchased the membership with the station and received the CDs, DVDs, book, & tickets to his event in San Francisco.

While studying 'The power of Intention', the concept of manifesting was not clear to me, so I did some research on the internet and found this site to be a great resource. (BTW, this site is a great resource for explaining manifesting & I also found that Dr. Dyer has a great audio program that explains manifesting & how to manifest excellently. It's called 'Manifesting Your Destiny'.)

Thank you.

With best Regards,

Adeel Shaikh

chris knight

21-01-2005 07:01:21

Next year, I intend to attend Stanford to attain a degree and intend to continue to grow my companies and bring to market new technologies that will help improve the quality of life for people.
Hi Adeel!

Hey, Stanford is where I have been seriously considering earning my PhD from!

Toured the school last year and fell in love with the area (I'd like to live in Los Gatos or Los Altos nearby Stanford).


Which degree are you pursuing?