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Warm Fuzzies


07-01-2005 17:18:53

I came across this forum after reading Dr Dyer's "Power of Intention" and I have been enthralled, amazed, amused, and wearing a smile reading the thoughts and ideas and experiences of so many wonderful seekers. I am looking forward to reading more and sharing in whatever way the path leads.
Namaste to all,


08-01-2005 18:24:30

Welcome to the family, Eloise. You are now designated as the new teacher to the group. Your questions, experiences and just observations will be used as teaching tools for all of us. When the teacher appears, the students wait patiently for the teachings.

Namaste - Ron


10-01-2005 19:16:56

Ron, May I refer you to your post "on a pedestal" and might I or anyone else be wondering what to make of this post here. Is this your unique sense of humor or should I consider it an insult?


10-01-2005 19:35:49

Eloise - Wayne mentions often in his books about the teacher/pupil relationshp we all share with one another. We seldom know which role we are playing at any given time. I was not insult you or anyone with my comments. I look upon anyone as a teacher to me. Your questions or comments become lessons for me. And a teacher never gets on a pedestal unless the student puts them there. I do not believe my sense of humor is anymore unique than yours. But I am sure what I posted was not intended as an insult. Again referring to Dyer's books, he will tell you that no one can do anything to you that you do not allow. What I sent to you or anyone in love, is just that - sent in love. If you are new to this board, I see you as a "new teacher" not necessarily as a "new student." No insult intended there. Not one of us here truly knows more than the next - trust me.

Namaste - Ron

chris knight

10-01-2005 19:38:55

BlissfulSoul has been removed from the forum at her request.