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Wish I Loved People As Much As Dogs


29-12-2004 12:39:00


I have read just about all of Wayne Dyer's books, and I have gleaned from them that a source of true joy and communion with the universe is in loving everyone. (Just like they told me in Sunday school) However, a lot of the people I come into contact with REALLY annoy me.

Dogs are another story altogether. I love all dogs on sight, and just looking at them makes me happy. I can forgive all the annoying things dogs do because of the love I feel for them.

Is there a way I can begin to feel for people what I feel for dogs so that people don't annoy me either?


29-12-2004 14:02:23

LOL I feel your pain! lol

I know it is easier for me to love animals than humans because I don't judge them. I expect animals to act in selfish or immature or destructive ways, so I'm not surprised by their behavior - in fact, I am pleasantly surprised when they act otherwise. People are another matter. Like you, I get annoyed.

I've read in a number of places that things and people that annoy us don't keep showing up in our lives by accident - that either we are attracting them into our lives by our own attitudes, or that they are "sent" to help us learn to change our attitudes. I am not crazy about that explanation, let me tell ya!

But I think it's true. I can be as "nice" as I want to be, but it is all on the surface. My heart is still resentful that other people are able to "get away" with stuff that I would have been slapped upside the head for when I was a kid. I am the Manners Police. Inside, I am the kind of snotty little goody-two-shoes tattletale I used to hate LOL!

I need to get over this kind of attitude, and I know it. Anybody have any ideas about how to do it? Meantime, let me pat your dog! Glee


29-12-2004 20:55:08

I have thought about this people/dog thing also. I think the thing that alot of people find most attractive about dogs, is that they love unconditionally. I've seen dog owners that should have been jailed for their treatment of their animals, but those dogs still loved them emmensly. Those dogs forgave all things and came right back with their whole hearts open wide.

This may be what you are being shown....unconditional love. Maybe the dog/people connection really is your example of how you could approach the world. Maybe going through dogs is a great way to get your attention.

I believe that inside every living being, dogs and people alike, lives that same spark that unites us all with the Source. I really do believe that. And now, I try to relate to that spark in people, rather than what ugliness they might be showing me on their surfaces. I keep in mind that what beats their heart, is the same force that animates me, my neighbor, my dog, my favorite maple tree. We all do come from the same place.

Does this help any?


29-12-2004 21:20:58


Thanks for your reply. I know exactly what you are saying. I can be as "nice" as can be, but that doesn't necessarily reflect what I am feeling inside. I would like to feel niceness from the inside out. I have heard Wayne Dyer say that when you squeeze an orange all that comes out is orange juice, and that what we are inside is what comes out of us when we are "squeezed." I would like to have just love come out of me, but I'm afraid that's not always the case.

In one of Paul's letters in the New Testament he says that we should strive to have the gifts of the spirit -- love, peace, patience, kindness, etc. I think that feeling love for people we don't particularly like must be a gift that we get given. I'm just not sure how to ask for the gift. Any ideas?


29-12-2004 21:25:55


Thanks for your reply, and I agree with what you are saying. I try really hard to see good in all people. When I was Christmas shopping at a crowded mall and people were bumping into me and being rude, I kept telling myself that we all share the same spirit. I kept repeating affirmations to myself over and over about loving everyone. Just the same, I still got irritated and was not happy to be in the crowded mall with all those folks.

I truly believe there are some people who love and accept all people just the way they are. They always seem to be unselfish, compassionate, and comforting to all the people around them. I wish there was a magic formula for making myself become that type of person, but I just haven't found it yet. Are there any specific books, meditations, etc., that might help?


30-12-2004 07:26:37


DOG spelled backwards is GOD. 8)

See yourself in the people who annoy you. I have found that what I do not like in others, is actually what I do not like about myself.

Those who annoy you are your greatest teachers.

I love dogs too.

"In your love my salvation lies." alexi murdoch


30-12-2004 15:38:02

Dr. Dyer also talks about choosing to not be offended by people. Working with the public, I have found that people can be extremely rude and not only irritate me, but really hurt my feelings too. Now, I choose to let it all fly past me. I take none of it in and I choose to stop being offended. This is tough at first, but what I found was that after some practise, I felt lighter and freer since I wasn't participating in the lower vibrational feelings.

Everything takes time, especially if one is reinventing how they think (and live!). Give yourselves some compassion and an endless amount of time to practise putting your new intentions into your life. Learning new things always takes time, and no one is an expert right off the bat. We are all works in progress, learning as we go, making beautiful mistakes, and learning profound lessons.

Also keep in mind that the obsticals in your path (and I really apologize for my spelling) are just thoughts, just energy, like everything else you think. If I can think negative things with what feels like reckless abandon, then I can think positive things too with just as much vigor. And if I am the one making those obsticals in the first place, then I am the one who can just as easily dismantle them.

Choosing not to be offended though, might be a good place to start. And of course, choosing to be happy. It is interesting how it feels when one changes their energies. If I am cranky, then I will deliberatly choose to be happy, right then and there. I often say out loud 'I choose to be happy', and then I just experience the energy change. It feels wonderful.

And as for being gifted the ability to love everyone unconditionally, I think this is how we all are naturally. It's just that life so often beats up on those who dare to love, and it can really wear a person down. You were born in Love, and your natural state of being is Love, expressing that love can take courage. You have that strength in you to make loving completely your new attitude. D


30-12-2004 17:53:48

Thanks Psyche - I am going to try that! ? Glee