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Hello from Psyche...


28-12-2004 10:27:17

D Hello everyone! *deep breath....big sigh* Wow. It is so nice to be here, to have found you all.

I am Psyche and I have just finished reading Dr. Dyer's book, 'The Power of Intention'. I have also watched his PBS program several times. It seems that whenever I am feeling down, that program magically appears on PBS (again) and I will sit and watch the whole thing (again).

I am coming from a very abusive, pessimistic, confusing, victimizing life. I am naturally a happy, loving, cheerful, optimistic person, though this light dimmed when I was a child and life got very hard. I used to tell people that I felt like my 'pilot light' was going out. It was only dimming though, never extinguishing.

I am working on turning a lifetime of pain around, turning it back around to my spirit's natural state of being (which is unbendingly positive). What I am finding, is that this journey that Dr. Dyer lays out, touches on all those long lost happy places where my spirit used to live. I used to be unbendingly sure of happy endings and dreams coming true. I used to run my own life and I allowed no one to run it for me. I used to guard this personal universe and never let a dark day enter my realm. But...then life happened, and I got so very tired. My secret universe was being battered and pounded away at by people who weren't supposed to be hurting me. I started to accept that life really sucked, would always suck, and there was no escaping it. I gave in as a survival tactic.

Now though, with Dr. Dyer's method, I am turning time back and remembering how to live a successful life. I am an adult now and am better able to keep low energy people away from me and my bliss. It seems to be time now to change it all back, to reclaim what once brought me so much joy.

What I find is my secret universe, still there, still thriving, only a little overgrown and weedy. It is all slowly coming together, slowly being pruned and newly seeded with the joys of being alive. This place seems to be a place where one's first tentative steps back into a new life are strengthened and reassured, supported.

I am so glad to be here! I look forward to sharing with all of you and learning from each other. I love to help people and am not too shabby at giving a pep talk or two, so expect some of that.

Namaste to All! D


29-12-2004 09:54:47

Welcome Psyche!
I am glad you never lost sight of the fact that your light could never go out, your universe never disappear. Our lives would be very different if we got early on that "if we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change" - WD.

As an eternal being, before we get here, we choose the set of circumstances that could make up our life as our next way of evolving. Many someones, just as perfect and magnificent as we are, chose to agree to help make those circumstances happen, asking only that while they were doing those perhaps unspeakable things to us, that we remember who they really are. Can you imagine the rate at which the human race would evolve, if this were taught from an early age?



29-12-2004 11:59:37

shock What an incredible way to look at things! Those people agreed to help me evolve, even through some rather brutal means. In my life, I have probably made life bad for a few people myself (interacting the way I had agreed to before my life here began), but I was then, and am still me. I would hope for forgiveness from them, as they must want it from me.

When I was learning those tough lessons, the people who were teaching me these things ceased to become people. To me, they weren't the people who I knew so well, or had names, or even personalities. They just became 'them' and I dealt with all of them in the same way....avoidance, escape, and seperation.

Your comments Gentle Giant have just thrown the doors open to a whole new way of looking at things! I read in Dyer's book about how our lives are more like plays, where each person arrives on cue, plays their part, and then exits right on time. It didn't really click with me when I read it. The people I saw on my life's stage were still the blank but abusive 'them'. I didn't reconsider that these people ('them') really were and are people, with their own universes and their own life's plans. They are just like me (and I mean that in a good universal way)! Wow! This just opens up a whole new way of thinking for me. How incredible is that!

I am going to think about this today. My heart already feels so much lighter and so much freer. It just didn't click with me before, but now it does. Wow! That's all I feel I can say......Wow! Wow wow wow! ((((Thank you Gentle Giant!))))) D idea !


06-01-2005 19:57:35

I would hope for forgiveness from them, as they must want it from me.
When you think about forgiveness, once you understand how this all comes about, you begin to understand that forgiveness is not necessary. This was all agreed to beforehand - and it is all illusion...very real illusion, but illusion nevertheless.

If you think about absolute reality, and that we are all One, all magnificent, glorious, wondrous, loving, etc., how can we experience those things if all of us are those things. In the presence of only magnificence, how can we experience it? Only by creating an illusion where something is not magnificent, that is, where something is separated, bad, ugly, hateful, etc.

Taking that a step further, in our absolute reality example above, if we are all One, magnificent, etc., how can we experience forgiveness? One of “us” would have to agree to be something other than magnificent, that is, bad, so we could forgive them.

When we begin to understand that God, in all God’s perfect, glorious, wondrous, magnificent Love, cannot experience that except in the absence of that, we begin to understand our place in the Universe, and why the Universe is relative. We are, everyone of us who ever has been, is, and will be, “individuations” of God, who have chosen this life, before we came here, so that we (God) can experience who we really are perfect, glorious, wondrous, magnificent Love, and that nothing can damage us in any way, because we are, and always have been, eternal.