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15-12-2004 10:50:20

I viewed the PBS "Power of Intention" in July and bought the book right after. I had previously read "Your Erroneous Zones" in the 70's and had seen Wayne speak in Austin, TX in 1990. I think I was drawn to "POI" by Wayne's references to Carlos Castaneda and how he had "transformed" his own perception of "intention" as he became more "illumined". I was very much "into" Castaneda in the 70's and also into any form of hallucinagenic and herbal concoction, in pursuit of "that altemate reality".
The result being that I fortunately "saw" that my challenge was in being "aware" of things that most other people aren't, while at the same time, "being grounded in the real world".

I was aware at the age of 4 that I am clairvoyant and at the age of 24, after reading the back cover of "Autobiography of a Yogi", formally acknowledged "my path".

I have been influenced and guided by sources too numerous to mention here but about 10 years ago began studying the "polarities" of the subtle energies that I have always been sensitive to. This has involved the "practical application" of this awareness because it has always been my tendency to trust that which "works". Like, one, two, buckle my shoe.

To me at least, if it doesn't have a "real connection" to the here and now, then it's like fantasy. Something to talk and think about but otherwise not to be taken seriously, not that there's anything wrong with that, LOL

POI led me to read "Power vs Force" and it all began to come together. For the first time in my life, I clearly understood that I am an "empath".
And as I meditated on aspects of my life in this context, everything suddenly made sense.

I am now, by grace and with gratitude, coming from a consciousness that reflects "the seven faces".

Oh! the burdens that have been lifted away and the startling insights!
There is much to share and be gained by exchanges with the good souls on this forum.

And may all have a wonderful holiday season.