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Namaste to All of You.


13-12-2004 23:58:55

I am reading Dr.Wayene Dyers books for the last 10 years. I haven't read much of him in the last 3 years. My favourite is "Everyday Wisdom" and "You can see it when you believe it". I have also heard many times his audio book transformation.
Love and Light to All


19-12-2004 10:18:46

And Namaste to you as well.

Namaste - Ron


21-01-2005 09:33:20

welcome to the board and to all Happy New Year. Just returned from a holiday in Barbados and am presently in England in the beautiful town of Christchurch.
Special thankyou to Ron, your posts were not only inspiring but have brought a new teacher into my life, for the second time. For the second time I am reading a Course in Miracles and this time I am AWAKE and paying attention.
I am so very grateful to Wayne dyer whose books, recordings and enthusiasm for life have nourished my soul. as my own work progresses, there are often quotes from Dr Dyer which seem to come almost spontaneously. The discussions on this board, are a source of true value and I appreciate the openhearted way in which we can all communicate.
My favourite WD thougth at the moment is that our thoughts are like currency, and I am now choosing to spend my money wisely. Well 99.9% of the time (I wish) .
Thanks Ron and love to all