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Sheryl J. Stevens

19-11-2004 18:36:48

) Dear Dyer Fan Members,

I was happy to find your web site after reading a quote from Dr. Dyer in another book I was reading the other day. At the time I merely registered my email address. Thank you for your welcoming response, Chris. I like the part where you said, “Everything happens for a reason, and it was no accident that you found us”. I really do believe that too. I am very grateful for the wisdom Wayne Dyer so eloquently expresses in his books, tapes, public television appearances, etc. He is truly a peacemaker, a shining light in a dark world! I’ve grown to love the countless wonderful ideas which come from many sources including his, that affirm the simple, yet profound, commonality of Truth. Sadly so many people in America seem to have drifted away from these ageless values, while the price of lost souls climbs higher.

I have developed a personal passion over the years for the millions who suffer with problems of addiction and mental illness. Eventually this led to experiencing an incredible Vision of healing for victims of these disorders. The greatest difficulty was in translating the vision into a form that could be understood by others. However, only recently I was finally able to accomplish this task. Skeptics may see it as an impossible dream. I, along with many others, see it as extra-ordinary, yet altogether possible! This is another example of where the “laws of the Universe” become so apparent. One of my favorite affirmations is, “Anything constantly held before the mind, MUST come into existence.” If there was ever a time I needed to learn how to connect to that Power, it is now! I will call this my introduction to where I am today on this exciting adventure of Life on Earth… (I also added my web site to the profile section,)

A Believer in WA state,
Sheryl J. Stevens


22-11-2004 09:29:41

Great introduction - love your attitude! Welcome to Dyer's family albumn as hosted by Chris. I truly believe in your comments about "impossible dreams." No such thing unless we think something is impossible. Oddly enough, connecting to the higher Power is not something we learn, but something we do - it is something we have forever had. It requires us to lay down all that we had believed in for what will be shown to us. It requires a change of mind of just about every thought we hold. It requires a confrontation with ego, a loving understanding with it, and a moving on with it be quiet. All of this too is possible. Learning is a trip-up word of ego - it implies we do not know something - but here we know - not just beleive - we know that we have within us all that is. Go for it girl!

Namaste - Ron

chris knight

22-11-2004 10:15:42

(I also added my web site to the profile section,)

A Believer in WA state,
Sheryl J. Stevens

Hi Sheryl,

Welcome to the discussion...

Wow, I'm impressed!

One of your reviewers said this "In a world where depression might be the unfulfilled desires of the soul..."

I never heard it said that way, but it sure does make sense.

I didn't read your book, but it sounds like you offer a contraian approach to what our current healthcare system does...

This past week, my 6 year old's school teacher said my son should be checked out by a doctor to see if there is something mentally wrong with him because he can not pay attention for very long when compared to the rest of the class. (reminded me of myself growing up and even today sometimes)

The absurd thing is that as she reviewed all of his current intellectual progress, he got STRAIGHT A's or the equivelent of 100% perfect. His intellectual capacity is perfect, but because he isn't able to focus in a straight line for as long as the others can in his class, the teacher thinks he should be checked out for mental problems.

I'm sure she is a good and well meaning teacher, but my son is most likely bored and needs to learn how to be respectful of others in the class who learn differently than he does.

My solution to this problem is to cut my son's sugar intake by 50% and see how that changes the situation.

Anyway, sorry to ramble on... roll

Welcome again to the board. Please do share excerpts of your book or any of your expertise in the appropriate threads as we use this discussion board to learn from each other. Also, it's ok with me if you want to plug your book in your signature line or whenever you mention something from it. D