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I'd like to introduce myself


15-11-2004 17:05:57

My name is Cathryn and I've been reading Dr. Dyer's books for a while now. I am currently temporarily disabled awaiting approval for spinal surgery. I'm also re-reading "There's a Spiritual Solution to Your Problem" and I just purchased "The Power of Intention". I find Dr. Dyer's book extremely helpfull in times of uncertainty.


15-11-2004 18:44:54

First of all, welcome to a group of unconditional Love - it is all yours for the taking. Secondly, please know that you will be held within the hearts of all us as you await your surgery. We see you whole, healed and completely perfect just as God created you. And lastly, try reading Dyer when uncertainty is not present as well. I am sure you find his words very comforting to you now. He has a way of changing uncertainty to certainty. You are re-reading one of my favorites - I never tire of going there.

Namaste - Ron


15-11-2004 20:46:12

thank you for the kind words!