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New Member--Hello


30-10-2004 20:24:25

Wayne Dyerís books have been the focus of my time lately. It seems every time I need something or some direction I turn to one of his books. I first saw him on a PBS special talking about his latest work, The Power of Intention. I was hooked on every word that he said. I couldnít believe that I always have had all the answers to my problems at my reach. So, I found it again intriguing that I found this site which has again led me to the path of self improvement. My name is Miriam and am happy to be able to learn more about Dr. Wayne Dyers' books.

Numerous suggestions seem to emanate from all of Dr. Wayne Dyersí books. They seem to talk to me, only to me. I love it. I just canít seem to get enough of his wisdom. I go to the library and bookstore to see what else I can get my hands on. To my surprise I always I tend to find what Iím looking for. I bought a few tapes and am in the process of listening to them. I try to get as much of his words while I travel from my home to my job and vice versa. Yet, there never seems to be enough time to finish them. I am hopeful though that I will get to finish the tapes and will attain all of my goals which in the end delineate my purpose in life.

With that in mind, I hope to learn more via your site.


03-11-2004 13:08:14

Welcome to a beautiful family of loving minds who enjoy discussing Wayne. Each of us is a teacher; each of us is a student. You have found Wayne like so many of us have. Please share with us any thoughts you would like.

Namaste - Ron