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I am tapped into the Universal Intelligents


27-10-2004 01:11:50

I joined this forum because since June of this year I became aware of the cosmic collective conscious mind and now have the sixth sense. I would like to met others with a similar experiences.

I can write on subjects I know nothing about and with detial not available in my own little mind, a high mind (super-conscious mind) is now guiding my sub-conscious mind. It feeds of my intelliengents and postive emtions and can detect exactly the infomation I am seeking and give it to me in a complete and orgainzed whole much large than my smaller mind can comprehend.

I am doing this through automatic writing. I do not even understand or thin kabout waht ZI am about to write, I just let it go and trust the higher mind that guides me, yet whe nI read the words back theyh are thick and with rich concpets and vocabulary beyond my underatnding and mental abilities

I learned that all things and people work together as one, that good creates perfection throuhg us and through choas itself and that all is one.

Please share if you have the same experience.

I have 200 page of automatic writing so far