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a little story from Canada...please reply with your story


20-10-2004 12:32:15

So, there I was...in the car, driving with a friend in a residential neighbourhood. It was raining, and yucky outside. We were headed to the mall.
A man was walking on the sidewalk, and I noticed as we passed by that he had no shoes! His feet were soiled and red with cuts, and his coat was soaked and threadbare.
I looked at my friend, and pointed the man out. I said kind of jokingly, "we should stop and give him your shoes". My friend asked me to turn the car around, and he would go and ask the guy if he wanted to try on his shoes.
Well, here I was, tears in my eyes....turning the car around....my friend got out, went up to the man....and helped him try the shoes on. They fit, and my friend offered him the $$ in his pocket, and his umbrella.

Had I "thought twice" about the whole thing, I may have "rationalized" our way out of it, since we had to go back home again for other shoes for my friend, before we could go back to the mall. Instead, we went with our gut, and the "feeling" of wanting to help.

btw...the guy was really happy, although a little scared when my friend first went up to him...he looked like he'd recently been abused and/or beaten. And my friend told me later that he had said to himself that morning how he didn't like those shoes, and would get rid of them soon. What a wonderful example of the power of creation!

That's the reason why I'm here....and why I've enjoyed reading the posts so far...learning is so wonderful, especially from poeple who are committed and "on the path".

Moxie D