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New to forum


10-10-2004 20:11:50

I was a mere young lass when I read Your Erroneous Zones and now many years later I still delight in reading Wayne Dyer's books.

It will also be delightful in getting to know some like minded souls on this forum. I look forward to many interesting discussions.

Kentucky Rose


11-10-2004 23:25:44

D Great to meet you "K-Rose"!

WELCOME to the Wayne Dyer Fan Forum!

We're glad you are here. Go ahead and take a look around; there's been lots of different discussions I'm sure you'll find engaging.

By the way, what other Wayne Dyer books have you read?

Bright Blessings,


12-10-2004 11:08:30

Hi, Kentucky Rose!! Maybe I'm not to far from you???? I live in Northeastern Tennessee. Glad to have you here.