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Greetings from Ohio and my introduction...


06-10-2004 09:19:31

I came to this site as I heard Mr. Dyer speaking on tv and was inspired by what I was hearing.

I do believe in God and although I DO some cannot comprehend what they cannot see. My Son was one of them and because of a 10 year custody battle for his only Daughter he got tired and gave up this past Feb.29, 2004. (He was 30). I now have to stand up for my Granddaughter and it also has gone to the courts soon to be 4 times in this year alone.

The loss of my Son made me realize that there is more to the process than knowing God in order to really know Him. THERE REALLY IS A PROCESS to know God and that it is understanding the INTENTION of our spiritual being. When we understand our being then and only then will others whom can't understand be able to understand. And my Son was one of whom just couldn't find peace here on earth. And now I understand INTENTION.

So you see after coming across this site and one other, it has made me as well come to realize that peace is an inner feeling of understanding that must come out to be able to feel it within.

Because of this site I was able to get a better understanding of what others are not feeling and how I may help them understand their Intention toward life. But sadly to say it took my son's life to make me realize that there is a need for a Peace Counselor. And that is now what I am working on to become.

Thanks for listening and sharing.
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