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A great night of digging deep inside myself


02-10-2004 23:11:56

Hi everybody, It is Saturday night and Iam having a great night. All week I was miserable and confused because I could not stop thinking of a career path I want to persue and then I start thinking of my debts and lack of education. When I get in this mode I get very depressed because I am 22 and not a clue what this life holds for me.

Until a night like this comes along- I start cleaning my apartment because I realize the positive affect of good smells and a clean environment, as I am cleaning I find myself not worrying about my future and just living in the present and it feels great. I know my past life choices has dug me in a hole but I am confident that things are going to go my way. I want to learn how to meditate but I am not sure where to start, if someone could guide me that would be great.

Also the email I received from Ron was very enlightning. Thank You. Also a reply from Eric made me laugh when he said picture everybody on my construction job sitting and saying ahhhhhhhhhh. Yes it made me smile as well.