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Proof of concept


30-09-2004 00:19:00

Wayne has been a role model and spiritual teacher for me for over 10 years and I have come to internalize his ageless wisdom into all aspects of my life. I have a story which has been 7 years in the making and it is all about giving in to the power of intent. I am priveleged to have been given a dream far beyond my own capacities to accomplish but by accepting the fact that the universe WAS and IS my co-conspirator I have now manifested that dream into reality. The dream I speak of takes the form of my company, Matchbin.com. My team and I have spent years and millions of dollars building an answer to the question "where do people go to leverage their skills, talents and possessions for what they need or want"? in other words where is the 21st century trading system? Matchbin is the answer and it is proof of all the wonderful truths you can learn by becoming a student of Wayne's teachings. It's midnight here in Salt lake City and this is my first time to this site so I'll say goodnight and wish everyone who sees this message the awareness to realize when they have had their Satori experience and to believe it and follow their dreams.

Peace & Blessings,

Jon Firmage
Chairman & Founder / Matchbin.com
email. jon@matchbin.com