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New Member, New Dyer Fan, from Arizona


25-09-2004 12:36:37

Hi Everyone,
My name is Leila, and I am so happy to be here. My first book that i read that brought me to this discussion group, POWER OF INTENTIONS. I actually read the book in 3 days, I was so inspired with all the information. Its as if I knew there was something more, out there, in this wide open space, but did not have the knowledge to put everything in perspective. Well here I am, and a week later I have read more books, the last being, "MANIFEST YOUR DESTINY". Im enjoying this book as well. <smiling>.

Thanks everyone, peace love and joy, sent to all.


27-09-2004 12:29:00

Welcome to our great family! As you read all of Wayne's books, and it appears you are on your way, just know that when you think you read them all, you will but read them again and discover a new book with each reading.

Namaste - Ron


12-10-2004 03:43:36

hi leila, i am a native of tucson. where are you in arizona? have you been to sadona? i heard it's the spot to be!!!


12-10-2004 11:07:13

Welcome to the family and the most wonderful journey of a lifetime! We're all students on the path and learning from you will be an inspiration.