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How wonderful to "see" some of you again!


23-09-2004 19:11:57

Hi! My name is Jaye and I was part of a Dyer forum before my workplace put up firewalls and had a policy against it.
I have sinced moved and now am on-line at home. It feels great to be connecting with other Dyer fans again.
Ron and Chris, I remember you and have thought of you often during my time "off". I've just gotten started on reading the forums, so there may be a few others who will pop up as well.
Very glad to be here!


26-09-2004 22:23:56

would love to hear more about you


27-09-2004 12:22:04

Welcome back Jaye. The family welcomes you with open hearts, as it does to all.

Namaste - Ron

chris knight

27-09-2004 13:12:49

Ron and Chris, I remember you and have thought of you often during my time "off". I've just gotten started on reading the forums, so there may be a few others who will pop up as well.
Very glad to be here!

Hi Jaye!

I remembered you from way back to 1999!

BTW, did you know that you are 3 days older than me? My birthday is the same year as you plus 3 more days. Nov 9th!

Hey, you're a Floridian, no? How have the huricanes affected you?

I also read that your 36 year old sister passed away in on 3-27-2000 from terminal cancer. Very sorry for your loss. Will say a special prayer for your family...

Curious What happened to Robert Moore? He was in the hospital back in 1999 when you asked everyone in the old WD list for special prayers.

As long as we're taking a trip down memory lane, here is an excerpt you sent the old list from Wisdom of the Ages
Too often we find ourselves bogged down in a serious approach to life, using our minds to keep us in a state of angst, or even worse, indifference. Joy and ecstasy come from within; they cannot be purchased at any price. We are all seeking joy and happiness, and often feeling it is not a proper state of mind when it arrives. The key to knowing this state is to put passion into your life.

In you love and sex life to be sure, but also in your recreation, your vocation and all your observations of yourself intermingling with this glorious universe. There is so much to be passionate about.
-Taken from Wisdom of the Ages - Passion - p.89

Here is another excerpt you had sent the WD Legacy list
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2000 155328 -0600

From Your Sacred Self ~ Observing Your Life Energy

Everything in life is energy. Understanding the energy principle is vitally important to the process of learning to cultivate the witness. Your emotions are energy. Your lifetime of events and exchanges between all of the people you have encountered has involved an enormous amount of energy.....

From the witness perspective, you are detached from any rightness or wrongness of the events, your behaviors and the reactions of others. As the witness to your life, you are removing the energy caught in the prejudices, anger and inner futility that you might have experienced at the time and are still storing within your body today. Through witnessing, you will discover that you possess the ability to return to every single moment of your life and act as if you were once again in the same situation.....

When you become the witness to events in the world around you, you remove your self-importance from what you are observing. You do not see it in terms of how it affects you. You simply notice. You are not attached to the rightness or wrongness of it. You have an inner knowing that, in some mysterious way, it is all in order. You are not questioning God in any of it. You simply notice.....

Freedom is what the witness alignment offers. It gives you the freedom to be in a airport, for example, watching others upset over a flight cancellation while you silently witness their behavior along with your own internal and external behavior......

Namaste -

...wow, this post is turning into a "Best of Jaye's WD posts" list.

Here is another good one you had sent;
From Communion with God by Neale Donald Walsch

....You have come to this book to remember The Illusions of Humans, so that you may never again be caught up in them but achieve communion with God once more in the living of your life through the awareness of Ultimate Reality....

....Here are the Ten Illusions. Get to know them well so that you will recognize them when you encounter them.
1. Need Exists
2. Failure Exists
3. Disunity Exists
4. Insufficiency Exists
5. Requirement Exists
6. Judgement Exists
7. Condemnation Exists
8. Conditionality Exists
9. Superiority Exists
10. Ignorance Exists

The first five of these are the Physical Illusions, having to do with your physical body. The second five are the Metaphysical Illusions, having to do with non-physical realities...

How's your Reiki studies going? I recall you mentioned your interest in that. I have a Reiki Master that I see a few times a year and am always honored to receive her healing abilities.

If I had to do it all over again, I'd have never shut down the old WD list back in 2002... but I guess all things for a reason and a purpose. I'm just glad you found us again. Curious How did you find us again?

In conclusion, as I read some of the 1,159 posts you had sent to the old WD legacy list, I began to realize that you and Ron are one of the two members that could possibly write their own books around your thorough understandings of the material Wayne and others like him have presented. Have you ever considered authoring your own works?


01-10-2004 19:38:11

WOW!!! I finally get a chance to reply!!!

Chris, D
I wasn't in Florida. I was from Mississippi. I moved in July of this year to the beautiful mountain town of Caryville, Tennessee. I absolutely love it here! It is very healing for the soul.

Yes, I lost my sister in 2000 to cancer. It was a very hard time for me as my common-law husband of nine years left me three days before she died. But life moved on and I've grown since then.

Robert Moore (my fiance's father) is healthy and robust and back at work. Many thanks to the prayers that were said on his behalf when he was so sick.

Seeing that you had found some of my "old" posts brought tears to my eyes. I was reminded of where I had been, how lost I've been and how absolutely wonderful it is to be in contact with the Source and Essence of us all.

On my path since "seeing" you all, I've done a whole lot of falling down. My spiritual life is once again in it's infancy. My ego took control for quite awhile and life became a disaster. Most ugly disaster, I might add!

But, I'm back and ready to get on with living in truth, love and light.
Namaste ~