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hello from Thello


21-09-2004 08:17:22

Hello to all on this message board. I am not sure if I have done this already or not. I am a student/teacher of metaphysics and although from england, am currently living in the usa.

It is always interesting to watch how the ego "grabs" everything, my hope for myself is that I may be able one day to be as quick to forgive as I ever was to judge.

Thankyou to Dr Dyer and all my teachers.


22-09-2004 10:06:00

Hi - and although we have already talked on your other posts, please know that you are loved and welcome here on this board of individuals waking up on their spiritual paths. It is indeed my pleasure to know of you, and looking forward to knowing more about you.

Namaste - Ron


23-09-2004 08:48:15

Hello again Ron
It was such a lovely surprise to find a welcome note in my post, the warmth of your love shone through the words and touched me. The past 2 weeks (since i returned from england) have been most challenging and coming to this board is a saving grace for me.
The aspects of myself which have been in my shadow have been emerging rapidly (ie my mother, brother and father) and whilst I am aware of this, the work (on myself) has been intense and at times painful. And it is my responsibility, it has always been my choice to experience all in order for me to grow and awaken to who I Am. This process is felt as I ignore the ramblings of "mini me" (ego) and taken more and more into my heart. As this part of me expands (heart) the realization of how magnificent we are deepens and more shadow material emerges. So I am consuming my shadow, bringing it into myself so that I may become whole. Of course my ego proceeds to "cast out" and project when I am not aware, but most of the time I Am, aware and have been waking up for a long time now.
Three times in my life I have been declared clincally dead and each time came back with a profound sense of "waking up". Everything and nothing had changed, as it is.
I choose to work presently at home with 4 cats and 2 dogs loving me unconditonally, my animals and my garden are a great delight, and the people in my life are also a source of joy. Although I am also aware as Gibran tells us, whatever is our source of greatest joy will also be our source of greatest sorrow. Cannot have yin without yang etc. And so it is.
Thankyou for being here it is a great relief to feel that I am at home here and have the opportunity to express some thoughts. Knowing that as we all reflect each other and hold mirrors we are also assisting each other in remembering who and what we are.
My interpretation of the "ugly duckling" tale is somewhat different from yours, but that is another story, and I appreciate your thougts about it. It will be good to know you too.
I appreciate all who are present here and although the tears are still falling I know it won't be forever. Thankyou again for a lovely welcome .



23-09-2004 08:59:46

Elizabeth - you have a fantastic way of using words - you painted a picture easy to see and lovely to behold. Shedding tears in our life does many things for us. Did you ever stop to think that where each tear lands, love grows? Tears carry from us negative thoughts, so that clear loving thoughts will replace them. Tears wash away from us a past that is often sticking to us. Once gone, we can breath new life again. And tears appear to cleanse our eyes so that may see more clearly. While many see tears as a sign of weakness, I see them as a sign of change - letting go of what we have been holding within us. I need not ask how your garden grows for you sprinkle it with unconditional love and water it with tears of joy.

Namaste - Ron