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new here!


04-09-2004 10:58:32

hello everyone! namaste.

I'm really happy to find this board and am fairly new to Wayne's material. So far I have listened to a few tapes and am currently reading Real Magic.

The Power of Intention is something I'm really looking forward to.

That's all for now. Feel free to read my journal, if you like. http://bgkarma.livejournal.com


22-09-2004 10:40:46

Welcome to a great family and meeting place - I have seen a few posts from you also - great thoughts. I visited your board and copied this from it

strange times that
I go out seeking and
they come to me
in people forms
and in sickness
and in health
in song and silence
and more silence

I thought immediately of why you are here, of course. You are out seeking and here is what you find. People of many shapes, forms, and vairous kind. And all knowing that the truth we seek in singing within us in the silence and stillness.

Namaste - Ron


22-09-2004 14:27:03


Thank you for your welcome, and especially the note on my journal entry. It is good encouragement and I'm glad I found this place.