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03-09-2004 23:36:48

Hi everyone

I'm Diana. I live in Western Australia. It's a shame Dr Wayne Dyer is only visiting the East Coast currently. I am, however, fortunate enough to see Doreen Virtue this coming Monday night.

I find Wayne Dyer's work so inspirational. I have just finished reading Manifesting Your Destiny - the 9 spiritual principles.

What do you recommend? D


11-09-2004 16:59:21

I'm a new member here also. I saw you asked a question of "What do you recommend" and was curious if you were asking about other works by Dr. Dyer or regarding the wonderful book you just read?

I live here in the U.S. and look forward to seeing Dr. Dyer live someday. I intend to see him in Hawaii next year. To answer your question if this is appropriate I recommend his latest book, this book has transformed my life in only six months.

Eric R. Clark


22-09-2004 10:18:24

Hi Diana and welcome belatedly to this wonderful group - as for recommendations - this is how I often know what next to read - go to the local book store - stand in front of Dyer's books and see which one appears in your hand! That's the one for you. And other books as well ) Let us know which one you choose so we can discuss it with you. Manifesting Your Destiny was offered at a Unity Church as a book study group - and was fantastic - we really dove into it, swam through it, and came out refreshed. It is a book I never tire of returning to.

Namaste - Ron