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Hello everyone!


04-07-2004 18:57:02

Hello to everyone,

I am so excited to find this site. As you can see from my profile, I am 40 years old and not embarrassed to say so. I have a husband and 2 challenging and sometimes delightful yet never boring teenage stepsons. These three people are my greatest teachers in life right now. (As Wayne Dyer would call them.)They are pushing my buttons all over the place with their cars and their girlfriends and their rude language, etc. They are teaching me tolerance. Being an elementary school teacher for 12 years I thought I had a lot of this. I've been these boys step-mother for 8 years, I thought they, and the other children in my life had already taught me all the tolerance one person could possibly stand. But they are cheerfully providing even more challenging opportunities for me to learn tolerance and patience. After they both have graduated from high school I think I might be fit for sainthood. (Only joking.) With all seriousness, Wayne Dyers books and CDs have helped me through many trials and tribulations with these boys. I can honestly say that I love them deeply and care about them very much. I no longer allow their negativity to contaminate my energy fields. I accept them for who they are but do not lower my level of consciousness to meet theirs. This may sound a bit snobbish, but if you knew how they treated me and how they acted sometimes you would surely understand.

I am also blessed to have two other beautiful spirits inhabit my home. A shih-tsu named Aristotle and a cocker spaniel named Annykhis. I love animals and these two precious babies are a great joy and comfort to me. Dogs can teach us a lot about love and faith if we only let them. (This is NOT a put-down to cats. I love cats, too. I just don't have any cause Aristotle likes to eat them. wink )

As I said earlier I am a teacher. I am also a writer. I just quit my teaching job to write full time. I love to read and collect books. I enjoy shopping and flea markets and garage sales. I like dusty attics and cotton gowns. I like fresh flowers and mint tea. I like Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck, and Bugs Bunny. And that's just a few of the many things about me.

I look forward to reading others' posts.

Cindy McAllister
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