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20-06-2004 00:57:38


I stumbled over this site in an attemt to find Dyer's site. Perfect.
I only recently heard of WD, yes for the first time, when I became embrased by a speaking he did for PBS...It was wonderful to stay up until 2 am to absorb his teachings. I have been (slowly) reading a book titled "I AM THAT" after having a conversation with my mom sharing what was written in this book, she called me up one day telling me that she saw a TV program in which a man was speaking of a similar truth. I was able to see him for myself shortly there after, and I am so greatfull!! It is so amazing to have what I have beleived and felt for as long as I can remember be put into words parallel to my own thoughts. Such a drive to continue to beleive.
There is nothing more fascinating than realizing, you put it there for you...you know, when that perfect book you didn't even know you were looking for winds up in your posession or an amazing speaker appears on your television.