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20-05-2004 14:36:41

Wayne Dyer is one of my favorite authors and I am also attracted to works by Abraham-Hicks, Neale Donald Walsch, Maxwell Maltz, Hale Dwoskin, Roger Walsch (I HIGHLY recommend his book, "Essential Spirituality; The 7 Central Practices to Awaken Heart and Mind"), Seth and Lynn Grabhorn.

I love Dr. Dyer's analogy of the ocean, where you take a glass and scoop up some water. Sure... it's not as big, not as deep, not as powerful... but it is STILL "ocean." I believe that we are all like gazillions of glasses in the ocean -- seemingly "separate" because of the glass, yet this ocean fills us, surrounds us and IS us.

I also have dropped the dogmas that were shoved down my throat as a child -- that we were all born "smeared" and sinful and that god (yes, the god of my youth does not deserve to be capitalized!) judges us and, if we do not do, say or think the way he wants, he will torture us and punish us for eternity -- even if we never learned what he wants (think of all the Hindus and Druids and headhunters in the deepest, darkest parts of the world who firmly believe that they are following their god's wishes. Is it fair to punish them horribly forever just because they aren't doing it "right"??).

MY God loves me unconditionally (as in, WITHOUT ANY CONDITIONS), perfectly, fully, without judgement. I am loved beyond my ability to comprehend -- everytime I think I know how perfectly I am loved, I know that's it's more, deeper, higher. God sees me as I can be and loves me as I am.

So, instead of being like Santa Claus (some old, white male with a long beard who keeps a list of who has been good and who has been bad), my God Is All There Is and there is NOTHING that it "is not." It is the Alpha and the Omega (and everything in between that distinguishes one from the other), the Up and the Down, the Light and the Dark, the Seen and the Unseen, the Heard and the Unheard. God is ALL OF IT, baby! And, being All That There Is, why would God punish or judge any part of itself?!?!?!

If your toe hurts, do you burn it or curse it or damn it? No! You say, "Ow! My toe hurts. What can I do to make it better?" Thus, when one of us (yes, it is sometime hard for my Ego to think and One with All) hurts and acts out of pain (and causes pain in another), God will not punish them. Rather, the Universe (still God) will give them the same lessons over and over and over until we get it through our thick brains that there IS ANOTHER WAY (not a "better" way).

I believe that NONE of us does anything "evil." Rather, we have learned some lessons as a child that our developing Ego interpreted to say that in order to protect myself in THIS situation, I need to do THAT thing. That's why we see child molesters who were molested as children. We see psychopaths who went through some horrible things as children. I bet Hitler and Saddam had/have some skeletons in their closets -- we all think that we are doing what is right for us and for our Egos to stay safe and right in any circumstance.

And, when we LEARN better techniques, we act better. But, we ALWAYS act in appropriate ways for our SELF-IMAGES. The answer, then, is to challange what we THINK we know (much of that is opinion, rather than fact) and improve our self-images.

Finally, I believe that we are ALL ALREADY in Heaven. And, we believe that it is Hell.

Consider again that God is All There Is and Is everywhere (even in your fingertips and in a sunset and in your mother-in-law) and Is everything. We typically define Heaven as that place where we go, if we are "good enough" when we die to be with God. We also define Hell and being without God and suffering.

Uh, where is there a place where God isn't?!?!? God is omnipresent. There is NO place to "go" to "get to God" because God is already "here" (and "there" and everywhere in between)!!!

Yet, we don't realize this. We think we are separate from God and thus, we have a Hell of a world! -)

(stepping offa my soap box)