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12-05-2004 21:31:44

Hi all,
I think I was the one who suggested a place here to just say hello, so I'll say hello! )

I'm a member of this group because I have always found spirituality a fascinating topic, and Dyer is one of my favorite authors on the subject. I find his appeal to common sense and his presentation of the truth as he has experienced it to be relative to my own life. I have seen him speak 3 times, met him twice, and have also been impressed with his down-to-earth presence, his sense of humor, and his natural ability as a speaker.

As far as my own strategies in self-development, I'd have to say that in my 37 years, I have learned the hard way to listen to that little voice in my head when everything else is silent...it seems to know best (I've learned this mostly through hindsight, but trust is just around the corner).

Nice to meet everyone!