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07-08-2004 18:26:44

Hello Everyone,

I am a new fan of Wayne Dyer's and just recently found www.inspireyou.com through an msn search. This is my very first experience with a discussion group. I hope you’ll bear with my ‘introduction’…

As a child, I yearned to find the meaning of life and had the curiosity to look in all sorts of places for answers. I've enjoyed the journey searching and many times was awestruck when I encountered knowledge and truth…as well as the stupid and untrue. I became a student of ACIM but, admittedly, gave my course books to someone who needed them and now I have to 'restock'. So, it's been a while since I've done any studying. I’ve read (and listened to) Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Joseph Campbell, Mother Theresa and a few others. Reading the entire Dune series by Frank Herbert was an undertaking well worth the trip.

Sometimes, I learned new lessons through the experiences of my own life … and that road, I might say, is long traveled and has a few circles caused by tail chasing. Some of those lessons were painful and frightening. I’ve found ‘enlightenment’ is easier to say than be! I believe that if I had found the support of even one enlightened person, I would have faired much better than I did in more than a few situations. I would have learned to enjoy the journey and not get caught up in mechanics of the vehicle, i.e., I would have kept my peace.

I've heard of Wayne Dyer since the 80's but hadn't read any of his writings. Quotes of his would seem to find their way to me through the years but, for whatever reason, I didn't choose to know anything more of him or what he had to say. Lately, however, every time I turn on my TV there’s Wayne Dyer speaking about things I’d learned long ago, reaffirming things I know to be truth, and presenting new things to contemplate about "The Power of Intention". I've listened to his PBS presentation about 4 or 5 times now and still enjoy listening to him and what he teaches. As there are no coincidences, I know that I am being pulled once again back into ‘search’ mode and Wayne Dyer is the doorway.

It has been a while since my last expedition into the search for truth via books and readings. The dread of going it alone one more time got the best of me. In the 30+ years I’ve been learning about the Creator and why I was created, there’s been little to no support to expand my thinking beyond the usual 'organized' religion. Groups in my area who gathered to share their experiences of enlightenment were nonexistent and even now, though they probably exist, I know of none.

Now comes the age of cyberspace which is only delineated by the distance of the keyboard to my fingertips. So, on a mission once again and equipped with a new tool, it was time to seek and find. Search, hit ‘Go’, and Voila! There you are … people like me who are seeking answers and trying to apply the lessons they learn to their daily lives. They want to talk about their experiences, ask questions, and share thoughts; and, there was an invitation for me to share too! Seek and ye shall find…ask and it shall be given to you!

I believe the truth that when the student is ready, the teacher comes and, too, when the teacher is ready, the student comes. Dr. Dyer is truly a formidable teacher and I am more than ready to be one of his students. I'm looking forward to others who share of themselves and help me grow. And I'm sure I'll be able to offer something to the community now and then.

Encouragement and support given and received, questions asked and answered, truth lived and shared are important to both the student and teacher. Thank you, everyone, for what I’ve received already in knowing that you are here.


chris knight

08-08-2004 08:40:47

Hello Everyone,

I am a new fan of Wayne Dyer's and just recently found www.inspireyou.com through an msn search. This is my very first experience with a discussion group. I hope you’ll bear with my ‘introduction’…
Hi CeAnn and welcome to the discussion!

There are many different types of discussions formats... we used to be an unmoderated email discussion list until that became too much to keep under control...then moved to a DIGEST format that required too much labor to keep up... and now we are in a web-based format that I think has a shot at lasting at least a decade or more. 8)

So, feel free to surf the 500+ posts on this site, add your comments or thoughts wherever the wind moves you to...and know your posting contributions are appreciated. D


17-08-2004 13:27:31

Dear CeAnn,

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain." This was my mantra for many years. Dune was a source of inspiration for this simple woman. It is strange sometimes the guidance one finds on the path of spirit. I too live in an area where rigid fundamentalist attidudes masquerade as spirit. That is an obeservation only, I am certain there are many worthwhile religious individuals.

Some twenty odd years ago I kept seeing a book on my book shelf which always made me wonder why I had purchased such a book about erogenous zones? *Big Grin* Then one day I saw Erroneous Zones. At that time I was agorphobic, full of fears and doubts, withdrawn and medicated. My life changed after reading this book. Since then there have been many teachers, many paths, successes, trials, tribulations, dances of life and trips and falls landing flat on my rear on the ground with god holding me in his hand. Yet I always felt compeled to get up, dust off and seek further.

The other day I happened upon the PBS special at a time when it has been particularly difficult. For me I always KNOW when spirit is blocked. It isn't always easy talking to one's self, and I have days even weeks of healing spirit, but similar situations will bring up old fears and doubts. I remembered I had gotten the Miracle book at a garage sale and got it out.

Did a search for some list serve so I could find some contact with others, and landed here.

Walk in Beauty even when your arse is flat on the ground, Love and Healing Light, Hazel


01-09-2004 07:25:35

" Hi " CeAnn, )

" Thank You " for your inspirational post D i realy enjoyed the read.

" Thank You " for sharing.

" I wish you all the very best on your contiued journey " D