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Peace everyone, my name is Linda, I'm a newbie!


28-07-2004 12:31:55

I have read several of Dr. Dyer's books and am almost done with the Power of Intention. I feel elated to find so many things that have come into my life in the past few years, validated as coming to me through Spirit. So many things he mentions in the book I have experienced myself and now I understand why my life has taken the direction it has.

I hope to check this message board frequently and get into some of the discussions. I am 54, happily married to the same wonderful man for 32 years, have 2 adult children, and have recently experienced a spiritual awakening that has led me to these types of books. There is a treasure trove of books that will help anyone in their spiritual quest and I especially like Dr. Dyer's books and insights.


01-09-2004 07:49:03

" Hi " Linda )

" Thank You " for your inspirational entry and sharing with us all.

" I too feel blessed that empowering Wayne Dyer has come into my life ".

" I wish you the very best on your continued journey ". D