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Norma Iris Reyes

16-07-2004 09:57:51

Hello Eeveryone

Sitting here and writing is a bit uneasy. I find myself always alone in the
pursuit of this wonderful journey called spirituality. Somehow my inner being wants to be part of real live group of people in the same journey.

I have just recently found Dr Dyers books and ideas inspiring and upholding, but it is hard to find a local connecting groups to share these wonderful findings. It would be wonderful to meet and share with others our own mutual spiritual growth, without being behind a screen.

Peace in your journy. Norma Iris

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

16-07-2004 17:31:05

Dear Heart you are never alone on your spiritual journey as we all are finding out, we have actually never been alone. Our Spiritual Family, Angels and Guides walk with us each step of the way.

I've been reading Wayne Dyers books and listening to his tapes an programs for years. You will find a great deal of strenth and direction in his words.

Have a wonderfuy evening.

Love & Grace
Carolyn Ann O'Riley


17-07-2004 13:17:33

Norma Irma,
hey there I know exactly how you feel. I feel so alone at times on this journey. I don't have any people in my close cirlce of friends or family that are as spiritual or opened minded as I am. It is frustrating. I find comfort in being apart of a group like this. I have read a few of the books and theres one or two (Real Magic and When you see it you'll believe it) that I carry with me and when I'm feeling down I turn to any page and find comfort in the words and positivity within. lol

D Welcome to this group I'm sure you'll find alot of comfort and support here wink


18-07-2004 02:13:18

Norma, at least you found this board now!

But I know how you feel, I too would like something local. I've been contemplating a UU church near me, but have not attended yet.

I guess I'd better go check it out soon. Thanks for reminding me and welcome!

[I'm new here too, but it looks decent so far.] 0)

Bright Blessings,