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new member introduction (Scurrvy Elephants)

samuel frank

12-07-2004 14:31:56

My name is Samuel, The first WD book I was intoduced to is "There is a
Spiritual Solution To Every Problem." I was deeply touched by the poem from the woman who lost her Son and I began to see that I am a Spiritual Being with physical experiences and I've started a journey that has had me change many concepts...It can't be bad because I'm developing a God Contiousness that's with me most of the time. I'm less and less in the realm of self condemnation and more in the realm of acceptance.

I can go on and on but now isn't the time or place. I hope to meeet some "scurrvy elephants" and some other "branches" of the tree on this web-site... Lets see



13-07-2004 21:06:51

hello there! welcome. I 2 am very new 2 this board. so new, this is my first post. P lol