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Listen, choose, change..peace is possible


07-10-2006 12:11:33

D My oh my am I grateful for my personal psychiatrist of 3 years ago; the author of The Power of Now, Ekhart Tolle; Patrick, the owner of a print shop who helped me design a patch for my peace project and loaned me tapes, and to the powerful teachers on those tapes; Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer; and finally to Claude Stein and his "The Natural Singer" seminar. I've successfully gotten off anxiety, antidepressant and high blood pressure medications, taken up singing on long walks, am getting a real hold on meditation, learning how to let people own their own opinions of me and not accept them for my own clothing and figure out how to accomplish what I really want to in life. YES!!! (Emerson would say one explanation is really enough.

We can only change ourselves. So to bring peace to the world we must do just that. LISTEN (to our hearts) CHOOSE (one thing to change) and CHANGE (do it to it). My flier is almost done and ready to circulate. My hope is that people will be motivated to do just that whether they feel they have a spiritual side or not. Wish me luck.

Our last child just went off to college leaving me with caregiving my mom, learning to ask for help from my loving spouse, and a chocolate lab to walk and play with to keep me physically healthy. Leaving my organized religious group just recently feels freeing. My spiritual seeking has taken an exciting turn and I'm off on a new path.


09-10-2006 20:01:26

HI Lisbet,
I'm glad you found us. D Good luck with the peace project. I wish more people would focus on being part of the solution instead of talking about the problem. I left an organized religious group a few years ago and I think you stated it well. "Very freeing." D ...........Karen