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Wayne Dyer & Neale D. Walsch..Best friends in a past lif


03-09-2005 10:35:56

Since we're on the subject of authors and all....It was actually thanks to Neale's Conversations with God books that led me to discover Wayne's stuff....How does Neale's philosophies and Wayne's differ? Personally, I don't see much difference although Neale does it in a very generic way while Wayne has the specific answers/tools you can use to get on that road to finding the creative power within yourself. Both authors have done loads of radio and TV appearances and their works are so similar and successful, they must've been best friends in a past life! D Just a thought!

Btw, I also post regularly at the Friends of CWG forums as well. Let's me see twpo perspectives all at once! Thank you Cyberspace for giving me the ability to roam forum universes concurrently. D


15-09-2005 09:30:18

This is so surreal, I myself got to Wayne's material through Neale's books. In fact, I've often though about how the teachings of the two resonate with each other.

I find it comforting to find that someone else got to the materials the same way I did. D


24-09-2005 11:26:37

Super double Kewwwwlll!

I love Neale's works too! They rock! Hopefully I get to meet Wayne and Neale together in the same room one of these days! Heh-heh!http://www.smileys.ws/sm/yahoo/00000018.gif

So far I have all the Conversations With God books coz they're easy to get here in Singapore. But Wayne's books are more difficult to get. The only book I managed to find was 'Manifest Your Destiny'. If any one else has his 'Power of Intentions' book or know a cheap place to get them online, let me know pleeeaaassssseee?

Love ya bamBOO!http://www.smileys.ws/sm/yahoo/00000060.gifhttp://www.smileys.ws/sm/yahoo/00000007.gif


24-09-2005 23:16:04

Got the same problems here in the Philippines. There is a lack of wayne dyer books. the only ones available here are erroneous zones and manifest. but I got to enjoy the other works as well as lectures. how? read on. )

there's this online company called www.audible.com.

they offer downloads of original audiobooks for a monthly subscription. check their selection out. So far, i've been able to listen to 4 of wayne's programs. )

Check it out jelly! if you're as enthusiastic about topics like this as I am, I'm sure you'll have a blast! )