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Castaneda and some works.


05-10-2004 21:44:06

At the beginning of Wayne's "The Power Of Intention", he mentions a few people he credits for inspiring him. One of those individuals he mentioned was Carlos Castaneda. Carlos wrote in a novel like structure about his apprenticeship with Don Juan [Juan Matus]. I thought I'd throw a link to some works done, a condensation of Castaneda's work on a site from Rick Mace.

Take a look if you'd like...


Happy reading. D

chris knight

06-10-2004 01:01:01

"You think about yourself too much and that gives you a strange fatigue that makes you shut off the world around you and cling to your arguments." -Carlos Castaneda


An interesting quote...

I know very little about Castaneda, but I can see why Wayne was influenced by Carlos's certainty in his beliefs.

Any comments?


27-10-2004 19:32:04

Money and brains don't determine success - confidence does. )


28-10-2004 08:27:02

kjkane wrote "Money and brains don't determine success - confidence does."

Is success to the ego, the same as happiness to Spirit? And is confidence to ego, the same as knowing is to Spirit? Which you rather be - successful or happy?

Namaste - Ron