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Wayne dedicated Sky's the Limit to Abraham H. Maslow

chris knight

11-08-2004 20:02:42

In the inside of Wayne Dyer's "The Sky's The Limit" book he has this inscription

"To the memory of Abraham H. Maslow --
the original pathfinder
in the study of man's potential for greatness

To Maya--when you look up "No-Limit person" in my dictionary, you wll find a picture of her"
Maya is his personal assistant of many years.

Dyer has an interesting way of looking at Maslow... and it's important to consider the timing of his comments (early 1980's). Today, Maslow's efforts have been viewed as too one dimensional -- not taking into consideration the social complexity of human needs in the workplace or elsewhere.

Anyone else have a comment on Maslow or his famous hierarchy of needs?

chris knight

14-08-2004 13:24:41

Dr. Phil had this to offer on a potential replacement for Abraham Maslow's original hierarchy of needs
Spritual Fulfilment
Intellectual Fulfilment
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27-10-2004 19:03:26

Every one is different and each one holds certain strengths and weaknesses. There is no comparison between Maslow and Dr. Phil as they are two very unique individuals. )