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A Course in Miracles


07-07-2004 10:47:48

Wayne quotes from this source many, many times in his writings and workshops. Have you been drawn to the Course because of Wayne? Did you know of the Course before you read the quotes from Wayne?

Namaste - Ron


07-07-2004 11:30:31

I have A Course in Miracles and it is a great book. It is published by the Foundation for Inner Peace. They have a web site http://www.acim.org/

My favorite quote from the Course is "Teach only love, because you are love. And as you give love to others, you teach yourself what you are."

I highly recommend A Course in Miracles to everyone who wants to expand their spiritual self.

I knew about the Course long before I knew about WD. I learned about it in a little book called Love is Letting Go of Fear (I think.)


chris knight

07-07-2004 12:03:47


It wasn't until I was up in Harbin Hot Springs, a retreat in Northern California, that I entered the library to have the first volume in a course in miracles be in my walk way.

It was as if the book reached out and said, "read me now... I have been waiting for you."



07-07-2004 14:03:59

Carrie - you mentioned Jampolsky's book and it is a doorway to the Course, no question. The other book that has brought and is still bringing in students - A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson. I buy up the books at used book stores and give them to new students who are not familiar with them.

As for Chris's comment on picking the book up and "hearing" "read me" - I have to ask And??? So how is it? One thing I often find myself doing when reading parts of the Course is to forget that it is not written by Wayne.

Namaste - Ron


27-10-2004 18:55:52

I read the Course every day. I would also recommend "Change Your Mind - Change Your Life" by Jampolsky and his Spiritual Partner Diane Cirincione. Marianne Williamson - aside from doing great books like "A Return to Love" ("Everday Grace" is great too!) - speaks regularly on the Course and also has wonderful audio tapes she has done on the subject. )