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Skye Continues Acappella Songs on Extended Intention Tour

chris knight

22-06-2004 12:52:35

From a Recent Announcement

Dr. Wayne Dyer Lecture Tour Extended

"In a lovely accompaniment to the lecture are several live acappella songs from his daughter Skye. Truly an enjoyable event."

New Power of Intention Tour Schedule. You can order tickets by phone from Hay House Customer Care at (800) 654-5126.
Los Angeles,August 30
Minneapolis, October 7
San Diego, January 11
San Francisco, January 14
Honolulu, January 16

If you are attending one of these events or have attended one recently, REPLY to this post with your thoughts about the experience. D


11-10-2004 22:32:15

I attended and it was incredible. He is a tremendous stage presence. Skye was not there and I was sad about that but he did play her song before the break.