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10-11-2005 16:50:38

Hi. I am a male vocalist and humanitarian. I admire Wayne Dyer and have read most of his books, my favorite being Power of Intention. I recently saw his daughter Skye sing on PBS and was extremely impressed with her voice and spirit. My intention is to use my talent to entertain others while hopefully making a difference. I would very much like to sing with Skye. So, if you are reading this Skye, check out my website at www.eugeneebner.com HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU...

Thank you-

Love and Light-


Servant of God

26-11-2005 14:53:46

That would be cool to share music with skye or you for that matter.I am a Guitar player and i am currently working on my solo CD.The whole CD is dedicated to unconditional love.If anyone is interested please email me at Dragontrance@verizon.net.Peace,love and good happiness stuff,Kareem