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Hear A Track - Skye Dyer's Latest CD: *You Inspire Me*

chris knight

13-10-2005 13:52:56

Skye Dyer has a new Audio CD called, "You Inspire Me."

Take a listen for yourself

ISBN 1-4019-1091-2
RELEASED September 2005

To buy it

You can also pre-order it on Amazon.com

Sky Dyer's You Inspire Me Audio CD


13-10-2005 14:39:32

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the notification of Skye's new CD. I have her first one (I think it is the first one - with Amazing Grace on it). She is great!


18-10-2005 05:59:54

I listened to "You inspire me" although i was never going to be interested in Skye. But the song just hit me, I am music freak - from neosoul to some christian rock ,you know. But that song is something different from all other and commercial,sometimes good music - it is simple and it is so beautiful. I have tears in my eyes when I listen to it! Because it is just pure music! Pure beauty!


18-10-2005 10:10:44

Yes, I agree... her music is unlike anything I have heard. My husband and I play it over & over in the background when we're camping in our RV. Soooo relaxing. I don't have the new CD - gotta get that!


04-11-2005 03:08:29

Thank you for the link Chris!
What a beautiful voice singing a beautiful and inspiring song. How appropriate for what her father is teaching now. I'm looking forward to seeing Wayne Dyer next week in San Francisco at his PBS taping. I hope he has brought Skye with him to sing again. She is so talented! I've been fortunate enough to hear her sing live and she is mesmorizing. I know she is going to be very successful and not just because she has a famous father.