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Catholic Has Issue with Skye's Message in Song Lyrics

chris knight

28-05-2004 21:28:54

Toni Collins wrote an article recently on "Wayne Dyer's Intentions Beware Little Twists"

Toni's upset that Skye's version of “Prayer of St. Francis,” changed the simple, meditative tune that Toni argues is one of the favorite hymns in modern Catholic music... Growing up it was one of my favorite "peace" songs.

This is one of the first "Anti-Dyer" articles I've read and it didn't dawn on me that the words for the song were changed.

Hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion -- and it would be good for us to discuss all sides of the debate.

Read Toni's article for yourself and I'd be curious to hear your comments. ?

Fair Raven

07-06-2004 22:41:22

I can respect that everyone has the right to their religious beliefs. This is one of the many things I appreciate about Waynes work. He doesn't claim to follow any specific religion, yet he relate to many of deep spiritual truths they represent. He hasn't tied himself down to any man-made religions in effort to feel connected to God. He simply is himself and finds God through his own spirit, just as ultimately we all will do. Its not your religion that connects you with source, it's your spirit that connects you with source.
The catholic article implies that Wayne is saying that we are all Gods and we can do anything. From what I have read of Waynes work. He is simply stating that when we are connected to source and removed fear, this is where the miracles happen. He is referring to energy plane. I think its great that someone is explaining what Jesus meant rather than following the "limited" interpretations givin by religions. At the last convention I was at, Wayne discussed his next book may be on the books that were excluded from the bible by the Catholics in 300 AD. Complete books excluded in order to "create" a religion they all agreed on. I look forward to reading that one!
The article also makes reference to Waynes "automatic" writing. I believe that when you are connected to source and your mind isn't cluttered with "to do" lists, work demands, and other day to day things that your creativity is able to flow. This is when many of the greatist thinkers and inventors have had their "revelations". My mother is an artist and is often amazed by her own work, watching her paint brush moves across the canvas create a more beautiful image than she imagined.
Im very much enjoying my freedom of religion. Im also glad I no longer have to worry about going to hell.

chris knight

07-06-2004 23:27:00

Collins asserts that Sebastian Temple wrote the song to honor God and that Dyer should not have removed the word "Lord" from the song.

Further to Collins points The late Sebastian Temple intended to write a tribute to God with this song. When Skye changed the words -- it stripped that intention void.

To keep the perspective, Toni Collins has been involved in Catholic music ministry for 20 years according to her SIG file at the end of her article. Translation is that she is passionate about her Catholic music. I can understand why she would be hyper-sensitive to this issue. I also respect the level of effort she put into her article.

I can see both sides to this issue. Religion is one of those emotionally charged conviction-related issues that can be interpretted in as many ways as there are days to study it.

According to Yahoo, last month 11,750 people searched for the phrase "religion and spirituality" - furthing proof that many are continuing to study the link between spirituality and religion.

As a fun factoid, 29 people searched Yahoo in May 2004 for the term "Sebastian Temple."

Your thoughts on this issue? Big deal or no big deal?

Jerry Thornton

10-06-2004 00:30:10

I think that the Spirit moves in all directions.

I will always believe that the song sung by Skye was a song of hope and love.

Dr. Dyer is a man who has awaken and I am one who am so thankful to God for him and all that he has done to promote the Love that he has found in himself.

I am a much better person because of the work that God has done through him.

There will always be people or groups that decide what their truth is. I know that only the Love that pours in my heart is for all people including Ms. Toni Collins.

Ms. Collins‘s comments are a way we can grow and she has become our teacher.

It is my choice (as much as it is yours).

I choose to love Ms. Collins despite her comments.

May you always be blessed with your connection to your Source.

I hope you live your life in love moment to moment, as it has always been given to you.

I love you,

Jerry Thornton


23-06-2004 13:02:09

I guess we have a tendancy to put inspirational people on a pedestal that is why I am surprised to read in Ms. Collins article that Wayne's wife left him...is that true? ) D

Darren Poquette

27-12-2005 19:45:30

( I think the article is pretty lame. If you are a christian, who better to refer to as Love than Jesus. This is the reason the world is in the shape it is in. Instead of just assuming she meant only positive things when she switched the words, they assume a negative tone. The only negativity is coming from the Catholic doing the critiquing. Why do many people of only one faith, christian, Caltholic, muslim, etc, always have to see it as them vs. everyone else, and that they are the only ones who can be right? I love the song so much, I bought the CD.

I think she should focus on the suggested actions that St. Francis(Francesco was refered to because that is what the Italians would have called St. Francis. All the times Wayne has been to Italy just to see his church etc, you think he would have had a better idea what people called him there) was trying to emphasize, not the name in the song.



10-06-2006 18:48:45