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Sebastian Temple - mini-biography - Who is this Guy? :-)

chris knight

06-09-2004 07:25:16

Who is Sebastian Temple you ask?

Sebastian Temple (19281997) grew up in South Africa and later moved to London, where he worked for the BBC on news broadcasts relating to South Africa. Sebastian converted to Catholicism and spent much of his time composing music for worship. He is best remembered for "The Prayer of St. Francis," which was played at the funeral of Princess Diana.

Source http://www.ocp.org/en/people/11853.php

Another excerpt on Temple
Temple was born in South Africa on Feb. 12, 1928. His early years were spent in the countryside. His mother died when he was 3 and his father turned him over to his grandparents to raise.

He adopted the Franciscan lifestyle and became a Secular Franciscan. Temple spent much of his time composing music for worship, much of which later was recorded into six separate collections.

"The Prayer of St. Francis" was also the late Princess Diana's favorite song and it was played at her funeral...ironically was on today's date in 1997. Take a listen http://www.notredamedefatima.org/MP3/209.htm

A photo of Sebastian Temple

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