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"Dyer guy sounds like a new age quack" - Geez,some

chris knight

01-07-2004 17:59:01

[ UPDATED CLARIFICATION- MS. Toni Collins did not say any of what is mentioned in the below excerpt. Those were thoughts by someone other than her. ]

From another discussion that I came across recently on this topic

..."That having been said, this Dyer guy sounds like a new age quack who knows little about proper discernment or prayer. To move away from peace is generally assumed as a move away from the Lord...something that is totally opposite to what Francis would do. This portrayal is another in a sad series of such statements. St. Francis, because of his love of nature, is used and falsely quoted by many in new age circles. Though his love of nature is engrained in his love of the Lord and a recognition of them praising Him by their very existence, new agers take it out of context and say that he recognized that they were godlike, rather than recognizing God's presence reflected and proven by their existence."

Source http://www.catholic-forum.com/dcforum/misc/1213.html

When Wayne speaks of having many reputations wherever you go - I bet he's referring to the anger that his detractors are bringing to the surface... I can just imagine an angry Catholic coming to one of Dyer's lectures to protest.

You know, this religious bantering about Wayne's thoughts vs. the Catholic ways reminds me a lot about politics... How you can argue one side of a story if you're willing to take enough of it out of context or look for an angle to argue.

Anyway, I send this post with love to further the discussion. I never buy any information for face value (nor should you -) ) and by reviewing those who disagree with Dr. Dyer -- perhaps we can learn to either appreciate their differing perspective, question our own assumptions, or further solidify our convictions.

derek milner

14-07-2004 07:19:40

To Miss Collins

I am so sorry for those you might lead away from God w/ your condemning words. You are a prime example of what alienates non-believers away from spirituality.

Why can you not imagine a possibility that the concept of God and spirituality might be revealed to many different people in many different ways? Why is that such an impossibility for you? He isn't always required to appear exactly as you might deem appropriate... by your insulated and traditionalistic views.

Here is a newsflash for you. God is here now! God speaks through many people who may not be a part of the Catholic faith. If you believe God to be Omnipotent, why cannot you consider He may very well have prophets among us w/ the ability to speak effectively to the contemporary world. Perhaps Dr Wayne Dyer is one of these prophets who might be sent to help save the kind of people who you, with your condemning attitude, have alienated from spirituality in the past.

I believe Dr. Wayne Dyer to be a VERY powerful Christian who has been given this gift to communicate.

In case you forgot,


Why cannot you understand how easily the word "lord'' might be synonymous w/ 'love'?

Dr. Dyer is bringing souls to God.

You are acting like the Jews persecuting Jesus.

Calm down.

Practice some love.

See the similarities, not the differences

In doing this you will stop alienating people away from God

derek cry cry


14-07-2004 17:05:15

Miss Collins demonstrates why I moved away from the Catholic church, the church of my youth.

After being disillusioned many years ago with the church "rules" (not the basic teachings), I researched many religions and found at the core most are the same. There are different paths to the same source. How we get there is not important, just that we get there.

Servant of God

26-11-2005 14:59:02

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