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Skye Dyer's NEW CD: This Skye Has No Limits

chris knight

30-04-2004 10:47:56

I saw Skye Dyer sing last night for the first time on Dyer's PBS 4-hour special. I thought she was very radiant and beaming with energy... and the message behind her song was also very congruent with Wayne's messages. D Way to go Skye!

Here is the info from DrWayneDyer.com's website about her new CD

This Skye Has No Limits
by Skye Dyer

Skye Dyer, Dr. Wayne Dyer's daughter, has an exceptional singing voice. Her debut album, This Skye Has No Limits, features 10 soulfull and soft-rock titles including two of her dad's favorites Amazing Grace and The Prayer of St. Francis.

$15.00 CD ISBN Z101

If anyone has heard Skye sing or has her CD, please post a reply to this forum or create a new topic and let's hear your thoughts on Skye Dyer. -)

Fair Raven

05-05-2004 22:09:26

I was fortunate enough to sit by Skye Dyer at the convention on the April 23 in Seattle. She very sweet and approachable. I was happy to see how down to earth she was. I thought her singing was BEAUTIFUL and very heart felt. It takes alot of courage to follow your dream instead of doing what everyone thinks you "should" be doing. Wayne looked at her with such admiration. I got the cd of course and Sky was kind enough to sign it for me. He has Amazing Grace on it. Which calibrates really high scale referred to in the book "Power vs Force" that wayne recommended EVERYBODY read. It is proving to be a very interesting read by the way. I am looking forward to trying out some of the tests in the book. )
While most of us strive to be like everybody else, Skye is a shining example of following her heart and her dream. I can't help but be inspired by that... and wonder a bit if I'm doing what I love?


12-05-2004 23:16:47

Have watched Dr. Dyer and Skye Dyer in the 4 hour program over 15 times now. I don't have cable, and this show tests higher (Power vs. Force technique) than almost anything else I've ever seen on television, and it is a joy to experience.

Watched the first time, enjoyed, learned, took notes, and then heard Skye sing.

The words, the notes, and the intention showed me a new level. The pride in Wayne's eyes and heart, and the purity of intention of audience and performer demonstrate the power of allowing, drawing, creating what you need to jump right into the middle of your creation.


14-07-2004 17:06:36

Are there any links with audio clips from this CD?


08-08-2004 10:35:13

Thank you for the CD information! I just ordered it. I am watching the PBS special right now on Power of Intention and just heard Skye sing. Wow.


11-10-2004 22:20:06

Incredible CD! I highly recommend it. I listen to it all the time. She has a beautiful voice and the energy that radiates from her through her songs inspires me.


10-01-2005 21:05:11

If anyone has heard Skye sing or has her CD, please post a reply to this forum or create a new topic and let's hear your thoughts on Skye Dyer. -)

Hi Everyone
I just finished listening to Skye's album and she definitely has promise. I just wished that the album music wasn't so loud, it doesn't allow us to truly appreciate her voice.
A very nice touch would have been an acapella version of "The Prayer of Saint Francis", as she performed on the PBS Special, it actually is a better version than on the CD. So this proves that she is improving all the time and her next CD will be a real treat.


23-01-2005 10:25:07

I heard skye singing on the pbs special and her spirit and voice are both very beautiful.


06-03-2006 12:18:31


I am so excited to be able to receive your cd. I heard you about 1 year ago sing St Franis Prayer and have been trying ever since to get a cd from you. I am exstatic D ) Your have a gift from god. To watch you is an honor, as is your father. He saved my life with the book There's a Spiritual Solution. I thank you and have a blessed day.
Keep up the GREAT work.