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Wayne's first tape set


02-05-2005 18:26:18

One of my favorite things about Wayne is his evolution, while not being contradictive in his works. I think this is most pronounced in his audio works.

I have the NC set "How to be a No Limit Person" from the early 80s. I believe (not sure) that this is his second recording.

His first, I believe, is called the Wit and Wisdom of Wayne Dyer. Does anyone have a copy that they are looking to sell. I will pay a good price and purchase through PayPal so it is convienent.

If there are other sets also please let me know and i will be interested in those also. I have all of the sets after Real Magic.

Thanks and God Bless!


12-01-2007 20:37:32

You mentioned that you have the set "How to be a No Limit Person" from the early '80s. Is this a recording of a lecture he gave in Detroit in which he tells the story about Rose who couldn't merge and the leaf collection story? When I was a teenager, my parents gave me cassette copies of part of a lecture by Wayne Dyer. I do not know what year nor the name. All the copied tapes have written on them is his name. They are now my favorites to listen too and, as such, are showing their age. I would love to replace them with a copy of the full lecture, but don't know the title. Hope you might be able to help?!


12-06-2007 09:56:30


The product you are looking for is "How to be a No Limit Person". You can find used copies (cassettes) on Ebay and I believe Hay House or Nightingale Conant has repackaged