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What have you manifested with Meditation for Manifesting?


27-03-2005 19:48:44

Hi, what have you manifested with Meditation for Manifesting? I've been meditating basically on my own without the CD. But what you have you been manifesting?




01-10-2005 09:48:32

The first time I tried the 'Ah' meditation, I found coins on 2 occassions in the first week. It could be just that I was 'looking' for it.


22-02-2006 19:56:01

I think because I haven't really asked for anything material, I guess inner peace and an unusually dead calm the last month or two. Usually, I'm a passioante person, quite fiery, easy to temper but lately, dead calm...it's almost creepy! lol

I should start being like the others and ask for money! heh-heh!

After that on my wish-list is to be able to go travelling to Nepal and find a multi-millionaire to settle down with...LOL! wink