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Which Dr. Wayne Dyer Book is your Favorite?

chris knight

19-04-2004 11:03:33

Got a favorite Wayne Dyer book?

Start a NEW TOPIC thread and post it here. Tell us which book was your favorite, why it is your favorite and what lesson(s) were most important to you from that book.

Personally, I don't have a favorite, but I think the top 3 that are the most important to me is Manifest your Destiny, Real Magic and his latest, Power of Intention.


29-04-2004 08:29:54

I've been aware that all of the books listed here throughout the years, but for some reason never read one until The Power of Intention. I probably still wouldn't have (not because I thought they were bad or anything, just had other things to read).

Recently I tried to quit a book club and was told that I had one more obligation to fulfill. Ok..so I ordered the first book that came up on the choices.. The Power of Intention. How's that for an example of the Source at work.