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Your Erroneous Zones (1976) Discussion

chris knight

28-04-2004 18:04:29

I thought this was a sex book...considering the hippy 1970s that it was written in... Only to discover it was ahead of its time even back then. Post your reply to this thread if you'd like to share your thoughts, opinions or questions about Wayne Dyer's Your Erroneous Zones book that he wrote in 1976.


28-04-2004 18:31:45

I could have easily read this book when it first came out, but I would have probably never finished it or never have gotten what Wayne was saying. It's just where I was then. I did read this book in the last few years and one of the thing (and there are many for other posts) was that the message of the Present Moment was presented almost on every page of this book. All the talk about the Now (thanks in part to Tolle)and the present moment (numerous authors)almost seems like this idea is new. Wayne hammered away at it back then, as did so many more writers even before Wayne. The thought of the present moment has always been in front of us, but we failed to see it. What are your thoughts as to why we failed to see the importance of the Now until Now?

Namaste - Ron


25-06-2004 10:55:21

“The person who is devoid of all erroneous zone behavior may seem to be a fictional character, but being free from self-destructive behavior is not a mythological concept; rather it’s a real possibility. Being fully functioning is within your grasp and complete present-moment mental health can be a choice.”

Note that Wayne is not us how to behave, but he is reminding us that how we behave is always our choice to make. It is always about a choice - the choice that we alone make for ourselves. I believe this is within my grasp, and I extend my hand towards that truth. I choose the present-moment concept for me. In that moment of timelessness, I am free from the past and a future based on a past. I am free as I have forever been.

What choice do you make?

Namaste - Ron


26-07-2004 22:32:32

But if we were able to choose to live in the present moment all the time, would we still be here on this earth?


We came from nowhere
We are now here
We go back to nowhere


27-07-2004 09:43:51

But we are able to choose to be in the present moment all the time. Apparently we unconsciously do not always choose to do so. Remember we are ego in this dream, and ego does not want us to learn of our truth, so it will pull us back everytime we go to the moment. The present moment is our experience of our truth - of our eternity - of what no past and no future feels like. Past and future are very important commodities to ego.

Namaste - Ron

chris knight

08-10-2004 23:47:57

Some Dyer trivia for you today

Wayne mentioned in one of his PBS specials that he produced the entire book of "Your Erroneous Zones" in 14 days.

This was right around the time he had finally forgiven his father for his shortcomings.

I was 7 years old when Wayne wrote this book that really kicked off his entire publishing career.


Caleb Shreves

17-07-2006 15:24:57


At 23 years old I am one of the youngest people that I know of to be into Wayne and reading Erroneous Zones. I have really enjoyed seeing how his tone and ideas and manner of presentation have changed from his early books to his later books. If you aren't sure of what I mean, then reread a chapter of E.Z. and then read some of Inspiration!