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What Do You Really Want For Your Children (1985) Discussion

chris knight

28-04-2004 18:01:02

Post your reply to this thread if you'd like to share your thoughts, opinions or questions about Wayne Dyer's What Do You Really Want For Your Children book that he wrote in 1985.

chris knight

14-11-2004 18:41:20

Thought this was interesting

Wayne Dyer chat transcript
Dec 3, 2002

Wayne Dyer I think it's important to raise our children to think for themselves, rather than to fit into neat little compartments. A great Danish theologian said, "Once you label me, you negate me." We raise our children today to be so concerned with labels, that most of them feel negated. The qualities of self-actualization, meaning the highest level you can reach, include being independent of the good of other people, being detached from outcomes and living a life on purpose. When children are raised to be concerned about what everyone else thinks, or to fit in and become conformists in any way, or to be overly concerned with how much money they'll make, what school they'll attend or what merit badges they'll accumulate, then we are really rasing them to be anything but self actualized. The best thing we can remember about parenting is that parents are not for leaning, they are to make leaning unnecessary. This can only be done by teaching them to rely upon themselves, trust their own judgements, take responsibility for any mistakes they might make, and to deal with the consequences as well. In the Prophet, the poet reminds us "Your children are not your children, they are the products of life's longing for itself. They come through you, but not for you."


If you are a parent, I'm curious as to your thoughts on Dyer's comments.

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