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Real Magic (1992) Discussion

chris knight

28-04-2004 17:59:08

Post your reply to this thread if you'd like to share your thoughts, opinions or questions about Wayne Dyer's Real Magic book that he wrote in 1992. This is one of my top 7 favorite books of Wayne's!


30-04-2004 12:11:35

One of the many points of this book is the idea that we cannot create prosperity as long we believe we lack or need anything. All that we could ever wish for is ours already, but we fail to see it because we have the shade of lacking blocking our view. Ego has believing that we lack, we need, we must have anythng and everything. What ever we have now, ego has us believing we need more to be happy. No matter how we see prosperity, with ego, we will always experience it in a lacking way - no matter how much we may think we have. Have you ever stayed content and happy after getting anything you believed would bring happiness and joy to you? You experience that for a very short time and then ego has us believing that more would be better. Did you ever think that more of nothing is simply more of nothing? What are your views on prosperity? Do you believe you have it now?

Namaste - Ron