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Your Sacred Self (1995) Discussion

chris knight

28-04-2004 17:56:14

Post your reply to this thread if you'd like to share your thoughts, opinions or questions about Wayne Dyer's Your Sacred Self book that he wrote in 1995.

Another one of my personal favorites. -)


29-04-2004 09:06:25

In this book, Wayne offers the following definition of freedom

A Radical Definition of Freedom “Freedom is the total absence of concern about yourself and the best way to quit being concerned with yourself is to be concerned about others”

What are your thoughts on this definition? Do you agree or disagree, and why?

Namaste - Ron


12-05-2004 17:13:22

Wayne describes to us that ego wants us to focus for the inside on the outside. The outer illusion being the main preoccupation of ego. The way of our higher self is reflect on our inner truth instead of our outer illusion. Do you feel a struggle within you concering this? What has been your experience in trying to stay focused on what is within instead of placing value on what you believe is without?

Namaste - Ron