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A Promise is a Promise (1996)

chris knight

14-07-2004 21:52:43

chris knight

14-07-2004 22:18:45

Posted Wed Jul 14, 2004 740 pm
Hello, can anyone help me find a book on childbirth written by Dr Dyers
wife?I do not know the title or author.

Melody, I think you're looking for this book
A Promise Is a Promise An Almost Unbelievable Story a Mother's Unconditional Love and What It Can Teach Us
by Wayne W. Dyer, Marcelene Dyer

Marcelene Dyer also produced this one

Pregnant Goddesshood; A Celebration of Life
by Marcelene Dyer, Mary Ann Halpin (Author)

If you do buy either one of these, do let us know what you thought of them or give us your review. 8)