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Getting in the Gap (2003) Discussion

chris knight

28-04-2004 17:49:41

Post your reply to this thread if you'd like to share your thoughts, opinions or questions about Wayne Dyer's Getting in the Gap book that he wrote in 2003.


29-04-2004 09:14:59

This is a quote from this book

“The gap will teach you to listen like you’ve never listened before. Now take the letters that make up the word “listen” and rearrange them so that they spell out “silent”…When you listen, you’ll feel the silence. When you’re silent, you’ll hear at a new level of listening. Try it in the gap, then begin to apply it in all of your interactions. Listen with silence. Note that the word silence and license also have the same letters as well. Silence gives you a license to listen and be silent simultaneously. By going into the gap and using the methods suggested here in this work, you’ll come to treasure the space between your thoughts. For it’s in this silent space called the gap that you’ll come to make conscious contact with God.”

Have you changed your thoughts on listening after reading this? What is it you hear in the silence? Do you go into a space of "no-thought" - the gap between your thoughts? How does this really work for you?

Fair Raven

07-05-2004 18:31:33

I use the "getting in the gap" meditation cd that came with the book. I have a VERY difficult time meditating sometimes. His CD takes you right to the place of "no thought". The more you use the CD, the longer you can stay there. Takes a while to retrain your brain. I can only do it for a short bit, but..that is an improvement from next to none at all. I found it to be a very easy way to connect to source.